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Securing Our Gun Rights!

Securing Our Gun Rights!

The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution recognizes our natural right to keep and bear arms, and commands all levels of government to never infringe upon this right. Sadly, the #2A is under attack from all sides. We have come to expect that the vast majority of Democrats will lobby for gun control, and even for abolishing the 2nd Amendment. However, there is a disturbing trend among a growing number of Republicans to support these measures as well. When Republicans start calling for Universal Background Checks, “Red Flag” laws, and restrictions on the types of rifles, handguns, and ammunition we can purchase, then we truly are in perilous times. What part of “Shall not be Infringed” do these people not get!?

I am an adamant and “no nonsense” supporter of your gun rights. If elected, I will not give an inch to the gun grabbers, regardless of their political party affiliation. I was taught from a young age to always do the right thing, even when there are practical disadvantages for doing so. Sadly, many Republicans, who formerly proffered full support for our gun rights, have read the political “tea leaves” and figure they have to support some gun control measures if they expect to stay in office. My solemn promise to you is that while I will always listen to all of my constituents, I will always do the right thing and let the “chips fall where they may.” Principles Matter!

My Principles


  • The 2nd Amendment recognizes an “Individual Right” to keep and bear arms, and not just a “Collective” one. Some gun-control advocates like to say they support the #2A, but try to label it as a collective right that is tied to militia service. I reject this view, and the Supreme Court of the United States has rejected it as well (See DC v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)).


  • While we do have a natural “right to hunt,” our natural right to keep and bear arms is a whole lot more than that! We have a right to recreational target shooting. We have a right to defend ourselves and our family, at home or in public, by keeping and bearing arms. And, we have a right to keep and bear arms as a deterrent to government tyranny. Our Founding Fathers were very fearful that our government might eventually become tyrannical if certain unscrupulous men were to take power. An well-armed citizenry is the best deterrent against such tyranny.


  • Our right to keep and bear arms is a natural right granted to us by our Creator. Our Constitution and our Government simply should recognize it, but they do not grant it. People who commit violent crimes can, and should, temporarily or permanently lose their gun rights as part of their criminal sentencing. But an individual should never lose their gun rights because some government bureaucrat “thinks” they are a risk, or can’t be trusted. In our country, we punish actual criminals. We don’t strip away the rights of people because of what they “might” do.


  • While any mass shooting is disturbing and regrettable, the likelihood of actually being a victim of one of these vicious crimes is extremely small. You, or your loved one, is much more likely to be struck down in a car accident, or be struck by lightning a few times. While gun control laws might make us marginally safer (criminals and mentally disturbed people will still find a way to exercise terror), they will steal our liberty. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Slightly less security is the price we pay for freedom.


  • Guns don’t kill people – people do! Gun Control laws don’t solve the underlying issues of crime and of mental health. Most of these mass shootings were conducted by young white males who had no Father figure in their lives, had a history of mental illness while growing up, and sometimes were given mind altering medications instead of counseling. If we do not solve the underlying issues, these folks will still find a way to wreak terror, regardless of whether we ban guns or not.


What Would I Do About It?

I vow to vote against “Red Flag” laws. These laws would disarm law abiding citizens without proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are a risk to anyone. If an ex-lover or a nasty neighbor doesn’t like you, they could simply make false allegations that you are crazy and a risk to yourself or others. If the Judge believes them instead of you, then you are out of luck. And since this would be a civil matter, you would have no right to an attorney of you could not afford one.

I vow to vote against any Universal Background Check system. This would essentially eliminate Gun Shows and ALL private sales of firearms. This system isn’t just about screening buyers, but it would create a national or state database of all firearms and who owns them. The danger of that becomes apparent when the Government starts “Phase 2” of its plan – making some or all types of firearms illegal to own for everyone. The government then will know exactly what door to knock down when they come to confiscate your firearms.

I vow to vote against any restriction on the types of firearms and ammunition that are legal to be purchased. An AR-15 is a perfectly safe rifle that is responsibly used by millions of Americans. There is no reason to strip them of their gun rights due to the actions of a very few.

I vow to support legislation that would make more public spaces legal for carrying a weapon. There is no excuse why trained teachers should not be allowed to carry, and to be in a position to help in case of an incident. There is no reason why a UNCW student should be arrested for simply having a gun on campus.