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Protecting the Right to Life!

Protecting the Right to Life!

The most fundamental individual freedom we possess is the right to life. No person or group has the right to extinguish our life unnecessarily. As our human society has evolved, we have recognized that there sometimes is a legitimate justification for this, such as self-defense, defense of another, or as a punishment for the purposeful murder of another, etc. Life is precious. So these justifications should be the rare exception, and not the rule.

We have come to expect that the vast majority of Democrats care little for the fate of the unborn. As demonstrated in places like New York and Vermont, most Democrats are advocating for legalized on-demand abortion all the way up to birth, and beyond! However, we must recognize that there are some Pro-Choice Republicans. In addition, there are Republicans who are only paying “lip service” to the Pro-Life cause. If it becomes politically expedient to not fully protect the rights of the unborn, we may not be able to count on them to act. Principles Matter!

My Principles

  • Unborn and newly born children are the most vulnerable humans on earth. They have done no wrong, are completely innocent, but are incapable of defending themselves. Yet, our society, in it’s zest for a lifestyle of freedom that carries no responsibility, has legalized the murder of more than 50 million of these innocent children since 1973! In my opinion, abortion is the most abhorrent practice in human history.


  • Furthermore, groups like Planned Parenthood prey on young economically disadvantaged mothers of color, and do all that they can to convince them to kill their unborn children. That’s why the abortion rate for black mothers is 4 times higher than it is for white mothers. Almost 50% of pregnancies by black mothers result in abortion! In many ways it truly is “Black Genocide.”


  • Finally, advances in pre-natal genetic testing has led to a rise in human eugenics. Unethical doctors can now determine before birth whether a child is likely to have Down Syndrome or some other disability or medical condition. Many doctors are now recommending that mother abort their “less than perfect” unborn children. As someone who previously taught children with severe disabilities, I can tell you that ALL children have value, and are a gift! Even children with serious diseases deserve a chance at life. As time goes on, doctors will likely be able to determine characteristics like beauty, intelligence, and physical acumen. The possibility of a dystopian nightmare where “only the best” human beings deserve life, is a real threat.


  • I believe life begins at conception. Science, and not my Christian faith, is the basis for that belief. Science has proven that at conception there is indeed a developing human life, with a separate and distinct set of human DNA. It is NOT a clump of cells. If you remove a clump of cells from a human being it will NOT develop into a human being. The critics will argue, “But does a human being at conception have natural rights, and a right to life?” I believe they do, but I concede that it can not be proven by science one way or the other. This is as it should be, as the whole idea of “natural rights” comes under the domain of ethics, and not science. I believe we ought to have the most expansive view possible of natural rights. It is far more prudent to assume that ALL human beings (at ALL stages of life) are endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Once we start limiting the applicability of natural rights, we will start delving into inhumanity.


  • In theory, I do believe a woman has a right to have an abortion if she is at risk of death or acquiring a serious medical condition. However, in practicality, abortion is not necessary. A pregnant woman may need to terminate her pregancy for health reasons. However, there is no reason to terminate the unborn child first. Labor can be induced early, or the unborn child can be removed by Caesarean section. The newly born child might not live once delivered, depending on how many weeks it has been since conception. But at least they will have a chance at life! Currently, there are cases of 22-week old premature babies surviving and flourishing. As medical science progresses, doctors will be able to save even younger unborn children.


What Would I Do About It?

I would be in favor of a “Right to Life” amendment to the US Constitution. I would vote for a Convention of the States in order to propose such an amendment. If such a proposed amendment was in the process of being ratified by the States, then I would vote for it as a member of the NC General Assembly.

Absent a “Right to Life” amendment, the possibility exists that the US Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) in the next couple of years. If that happens, it is likely that the Supreme Court will leave it to the individual states to decide for themselves about abortion. I will be ready to act if that happens, so that North Carolina can protect the lives of unborn children from the moment of conception.

In the meantime, I will fight the efforts of NC Democrats who want to expand the right of abortion all the way up to birth and beyond! I would support a bill that would ban abortion for purposes of eugenics. Finally, I would support the complete and total defunding of Planned Parenthood (or any other organization that provide abortions), so they no longer receive any state funds.