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Rules: 2 Guns for the 2A Gun Raffle

1. Guns are both priced at $775 plus tax.
2. You must pick up the guns at:  Jim’s Pawn & Guns in Wilmington, NC
3. Winner must pass all background checks at the dealer to be entitled to the prize. No cash will be awarded. At the time of the drawing 3 alternative winners will be picked up. If the winner doesn’t pick up the prize within 2 business weeks (or can’t pass the background check) the next alternative winner will receive the prize.
4. The prize given is based on receiving entries that net a total of $829.24 or more, after accounting for merchant financial transaction fees. If that total is not met, a winner will still be drawn, but the winner will receive a gift certificate from Jim’s Pawn and Guns for the total received, minus financial transaction fees.
5. Need not be present to win. If winner is not local then the winner may select a gun and have it shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer in their area. The cost of shipping and the transfer fee will be the responsibility of the winner.
6. Businesses cannot participate in this raffle.